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The firm philosophy is influenced by the background of its members, most of whom have spent their legal careers as counselors to individuals and small- to medium-size business organizations. The firm believes that such clients are best served by an association of attorneys small enough to provide personalized service, while large enough to offer a wide range of experience. By being so situated in the southwest sector of Austin, the firm gives its clients the opportunity for convenience and easy access to qualified legal services without the need to travel downtown.

Goodall & Davison, P.C. knows that the way it can best ensure a long and productive relationship with its clients is to provide personal service. Without exception, each member of the firm recognizes the problems facing small- to medium-size businesses. The firm is committed to being responsive to the special needs of each client. It has made a commitment to respond to your calls and correspondence without delay. The firm believes that the type of client it serves best deserves fast response time. In the event the client's primary attorney is not available within a short time, one of our other staff will contact the client for assistance.

During their association with the firm, clients are encouraged to discuss any matters of concern with their attorneys. The firm welcomes an open dialogue with the people it represents, and is happy to address questions ranging from trial tactics to billing.

Recent studies show that American businesses spend large amounts in litigation costs. As attorneys, we are quite aware that the expense of proceeding to court can be great in terms of money and time expended. Therefore, the firm believes that each client who is involved in a matter which has the potential for litigation be advised as to the process of alternative dispute resolutions. In doing so, the firm hopes to guide its clients towards the most cost-efficient solution available. In this way, we can emulate the decision-making analysis that businesses use in evaluating other matters.

Notwithstanding the above, the firm will not hesitate to advise a client to proceed with litigation if it is determined that this alternative will be to the client's best advantage. In conclusion, our approach to litigation is designed to minimize your costs and afford you the opportunity to maximize your return for the money you spend for legal representation.

The firm philosophy of representing clients includes a somewhat nontraditional approach to the time-honored role of attorney and client. Traditionally, attorneys spend a great deal of their time attempting to resolve immediate problems on their clients' behalf. Although that function will continue to be part of our practice, we hope to introduce clients to the concept of "preventive law." The process of instituting this concept involves a cooperative venture between ourselves and you, and works as follows:

We attempt to obtain a general overview of your business and/or personal situations so we can ascertain which areas, if any, may involve important legal issues. We analyze these areas and make recommendations for lessening your "legal exposure" from both internal and external sources. In doing this, we can save you time and money by avoiding or minimizing your exposure to risk. We feel very strongly that this is the best approach to the practice of law, especially in the fast changing environment that exists in today's world. We also believe that this will lessen your legal expenditures and maximize your profits and savings.

We hope that you will find our services worthy of a long-term relationship. We pledge that our goal is not limited to solving current problems, but includes a view towards the long range legal health of our clients. This "team" approach should benefit all involved.

It is our pleasure to be of service, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you.